Friday, 4 January 2013

The Creation of the Primarchs

Arguably for some, one of the major draws of playing heresy era games whether Betrayal or Age of the Emperor is the inclusion of the Primarchs.

The last few years has seen a whole host of companies and even GW (finally) releasing a fine selection of miniatures intedended to be used as Primarchs, Scibor, Kabuki and High Tech miniatures to name a few all produce very fine options for your selected Demi God but they arent always what everyone wants whether it the artistic style, the price or the miniature just isnt what u have always pictured YOUR primarch looking like.

Over the past few years I have on occasion been asked by friends to build them their particular Primarch as they want it, I make no claim to be an expert at this sort of thing in fact quite the opposite, before attempting any of them i had very limited experience using green stuff in any capacity bar gap filling and if i can learn to do it anyone can.

The basic procedure depending on what is required is very similar to "tru scale" or Artscale space marines
guides for which and plenty of inspiration besides can be found on Master of the Forge's website (really cannot glorify him enough his stuff is superb). This enlarged frame is then modified to look as much like the Primarch in question as possible (based on the desires of who has requested it).

The First Primarch I was asked to make was Peturabo, the friend in question provided all the parts required and a picture of someone elses conversion which was how he roughly wanted him.

This was the picture I was givin.

And so work began. ( I apologise 4 the lack of progress pics as I didnt record my projects at the time).

Unfortunately some overzealous silver spray almost undid much of my hard work lol.

Next up almost immediately after was a request for Horus himself.

This was made completely at my own discretion and from spare parts.

Horus simply did not want to be built, from falling off the table multiple times to its entire base melting and warping under a lamp I had to rework some of it multiple times ending up with a somewhat bulgy leg joint on both legs but overall it didnt end up that bad.

My next commision was for Mortarion and one again i was provided with the parts but this time was givin full freedom with what to do with the mini. Also by this time I was recording what i did lol.

I was very happy with how he ended up. The only thing id change wud be to change the Lantern ( his gun) and make sumthin a bit more unique.

I suppose i should post up my own Primarch too, while i didnt build him he did get substantial work done to him.

Sanguinius aka the avatar of aurillius from Reaper Minis.

And that brings us to my latest project. Leman Russ

The intention had been to get specific parts ordered to make this but I was bored and just ended up scouring my bits boxes 4 usable parts.

Again was well pleased with this, I had been quite worries that the hair would have a "goldilocks" look but it ended up alright.

So bear in mind what can be achieved with a little practice and the desire to see it done, as I said if I can learn to do it anyone can.

Or you can spend £50 on an angron model whose head is too big and has tiny feet. (once noticed cant be unseen).

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