Sunday, 2 December 2012

Orks vs Blood Angels, Prelude to Crusade

+++Ork incursion in Malamas system+++

500pts, Gareth's Bad Moons Orks vs Darren's Blood Angels

Turn 1:

Warboss "Big Ballz" Mahoney and his raiders have landed on Timo. They are currently scouting the outskirts of Rasisma. Brother Azriel of the Blood Angels has dispatched a unit of Astartes to remove them before they can infest the area with their filth...

Moving to take their objective early doors, the squad of boyz swooped in. Defkoptas took the lead and began firing at the space marine scouts. However, the volkite weapon being carried by the main squad of marines took out a defkopta and the best part of a squad of boyz.

Turn 2

Things got worse for the Orks thanks to Darren's Volkite weapon.

The whole affair unraveled under the watchful eye of the Hayzen Geniocracy...

Darren's Death Guard made short work of the remaining defkoptas after charging into close combat, before seizing a second objective. However, Boss Mahoney wasn't going to let him away with that...

Turn 3

Boss Mahoney and his Nobz squad opened fire on the Death Guard, killing one outright before charging into close combat.

Turn 4

Close combat saw the Death guard beating down two nobz with ease

Before squishing two death guard

Turn 5

With close combat coming to an end, and Gareth's Boyz retreating, but the other squad maintining their objective, the orks were done. Darren's blood angels held one objective as well. The game ended on a roll of 2 and was a draw. Neither side managed to take possession of the area.

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