Sunday, 16 December 2012

Our first game trying out Forge Worlds Betrayal system.

In this training engagment we pitted 4000pts of Blood Angels against two 2000pts lists of Imperial Fists and the Vylka Fenrika.

We ended up quite short on time and didnt get to finish but we enjoyed it nonetheless.


A massed infantry formation advances through the tree line.

The traning exercise begins under Sanguinius' watchful eye

Turn 1 - Blood Angels

The Blood Angel forces advanced en masse under the covering fire from the support squads and armour.  Wanting to close as quickly as possible to bring they're mass amounts of firepower to bear the Legionnaries
in the forest advanced double time. Meanwhile the Tanks of the Blood Angels opened fire across the battle line with the predator squadron scoring multiple hits on a Fist dreadnought and literally chewing it to pieces with autocannon fire. The Vindicator fired directly on Bjorns Terminator squad scoring a direct hit that were it not for Bjorns quick reflex's would have seen him dead at the off instead four of his squadmates fell to the explosion. The second Wolf Terminator Squad fared no better as they were marked by the Heavy Support squad as a serious threat to thier own assault troops, Even Tactical Dreadnought armour cudnt stand up to the mass amout off energy beams from thier Volkite Culverins and another 5 Terminators fell. Lastly the Cerberus heavy tank destroyer took aim at the Fist command land raider but despite the awesome firepower of a Neutron laser succeeded only in blowing holes in the build the land raider was sheltering behind.

 The armour of the legion brings thier weapons to bear.

Turn 1 - Wolf/Fist

The Space Wolf forces redeployed to a more advantageous position while theyre armour advanced tentatively, aware of the heavy tank destroyer across the battlefield. The long fang squad scored multiple hits on the Angel vindicator but only managed to stun the machine. The newly deployed Breacher squad combined fire with the remaing Terminators to drop a few of the closing assault marines as the Predator unloaded ineffectively into the Blood Angel Terminators. Meanwhile the Imperial Fists did what Fists do best, dug in. The Tactical squads deployed around the ruins to prevent any flanking actions while the remaining dreadnoughts moved for better line of sight to thier targets. The Imperial Fists opened fire on the Blood Angel line across the river with dozens of heavy automatic weapons from both man and machine scoring kills across mulitple squads. Despite these casualties the Blood Angel advance did not falter. The Fist command land raider advanced from cover firing as it moved but caused only light damage to a predator and none whatsoever to the enemy legionnaires.

The Fists get ready to unleash hell.

Mass Firepower.

The Terminators move aside giving the Longfangs a clear shot.

The Space Wolves Prepare to meet the Blood Angel assault.

 Turn 2 - Blood Angels

Once more the Blood Angel forces advanced eager to repay in kind the harm done to thier fallen brethren. Rad missiles and a wall of bolter fire was unleashed across the Fist line savagley mauling one of the Support squads while mass beam fire playing over the hull of the Space wolf dreadnought cooked the pilot alive and left a charred hulk cooling as a remnent. With the Fist land raider no longer lurking in cover the Cerberus once again brought the neutron laser to bear, this time at full power and despite a minor feedback from the weapon the land raider was atomised my the blast and the command squad inside saved only by the skill of the accompanying apothecary. The rest of the Blood Angel firepower was directed to cover the assault squads advance, despite the space wolf breacher squads boarding shields robbing thier charge of much of its momentum the assault squad performed admirably enough, each side causing and taking casualties.

The Blood Angels find thier opponents a worthy foe.

For the Emperor and Sanguinius!

Turn 2 - Wolf/Fist

The combined forces let out a cheer as reinforcements arrived, and immediatley went on the offensive. Both of the Dreadnoughts moving to bring thier firepower to bear shredded one of the Predators while the other recieved damage. Once again the Fist line volleyed fire into the advancing Angels causing more causalties, perhaps the worst of all was Azrael, master of the host being engulfed in witchfire form the Rune priest and thrashing about in an undignified manner to put out the flames. Several Terminators were annihilated in an instant as the Techmarine accompanying the Fist captain unleashed his Conversion Beamer at maximum power. The remaining space wolf Terminators combined fire with the predator scoring several kills on the Legion veterans moving up to support the struggling assault squad who despite numerical superiority were still unable to break thier tenacious opponents.

 Reinforcements have arrived.

The Dreadnoughts unleash thier guns on the Blood Angel Predators.

Up close and personal.

Turn 3 - Blood Angels

Angered by the cowardly attack on thier commander the Blood Angel forces retaliated unfortunatley in thier wrath was their aim ruined, with scant few of the enemy falling to their firepower and the damaged predator missing completely. Even the collosal firepower of the Cerberus was ineffective as it fired on minimum power and missed its target. The Vindicator too failed to achieve any kills as the Space wolves followed the example of their allies and dug in. The exception to this, their Volkite weapons firing from the hip the Heavy support squad advanced  scoring a remarkable number of hits on one of the dreadnoughts but were unable to finish it off. Following this bad string of luck the Veteran and Terminators attempts to assist the assault marines too failed. Alone and with their enemies closing in the assault squad finally managed to gain the upper hand but the Space wolves dogged to the end refused to break.

Time was running out.

The Blood Angel forces wade into the river, the enemy almost within reach.

 Turn 3 - Wolves/Fists

Knowing that the time limit on the training execise was drawing near the joint forces of the Space Wolves and Imperial Fists chose to forgo much in an effort to cause as much harm as possible. The mass fire of the Space wolves was brought to bear against the Blood Angel Terminator squad but not a single round managed to penetrate their armour. The long fangs once more lashed out at the vindicator but it too proved too resilent to finish and took only light damage. The Fists gun line once more went into action, again causing multiple casualties amongst the advancing squads and reducing the Breacher squad to a single marine. The Space Wolf Terminators succeeded where their opposites failed and plowed into the assault marines, breaking the tie and killing several outright. The Blood Angel sergeant retaliated with his powerfist but the luck of the All-Father was with them and his attacks rebounded from their armour.

And with that the Klaxons sounded announcing the end of the days training.

The Terminators arrive to turn the tide.

Final Score

Blood Angels  -   3

Wolf/Fists     -  2

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